Samsung galaxy s9 – Better than most android phones

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I am sure that you are dying to possess famous mobile phones like the apple iPhone 4. But the issue is that you cannot afford it at this moment. Now, there is absolutely not any requirement for you to worry and feel awful about this, I will tell you about a cell phone that is essentially better than most android or smart phones which are out in the marketplace today. Let me present the Samsung galaxy s for you. The Samsung galaxy s may not be as famous as the iPhone 3gs or even the iPhone 4, but allow me to tell you about it magnificent features that are guaranteed to blow your mind away. This mobile phone has the fastest and powerful gnu. It essentially enables embedded system to operate in as smooth and as effectively as it can. Gaming and videos on a cell phone will not ever be the same again with this attribute.

Samsung Galaxy

It comes with a super amole display with an approximate size of 4 inches. It is 480 by 800 pixels for a resolution and it can literally show up to 16 million colors. Watching the internet will never be the same, and as if you are watching it from a personal computer. With each text, picture, and graphic, you will experience only absolute pleasure. We are all big fans of social networks. Now, the great thing is that using the Samsung galaxy s, you will have the ability to enjoy your favorite social networks, like when you are using your computer. It is easy to view images, post updates, watch videos, upload multimedia, play your favorite games and do a good deal more. You will not miss a thing with this mobile phone in regards to your social media accounts and more.

Who said you can just enjoy broadband internet with notebooks or desktops. With the galaxy s, you are guaranteed enhanced browsing experience as though you are using broadband internet. You can download at the rate of 7.2 mbps and upload items with a rate of 5.76 mbps. Now, everything will be quicker and better using this phone. If you prefer to follow feeds and posts, then you will need an RC reader to your cell phone. Now, this is now contained in the galaxy s. You will never again have to look at your private computer for your favorite or much awaited feeds and posts. Now you can do it while you are out on the road or just away from a computer. These are just some of the qualities of this new Samsung S9. This makes them better than most android mobiles on the market today.